Project Description

GOLDSOFT High Density Large Square Baler Twine

GoldSoft is a high density baler twine that combines strength and softness to provide consistent knot performance under all conditions. At the same time, Goldsoft’s lower friction characteristics facilitate increased baling speed and reduced wear on knotters and other baler components. Goldsoft is the ideal choice for hay producers looking for a top-performing baler twine that is easy on knotters.

For high density bales | Convenient 10kg spool | Improved knot resistance and grip | Low friction characteristics | Reduced wear on baler part

POPE BULLDOG Large Square Blue Baler Twine

BULLDOG BLUE represents years of development and applied know-how. With enhanced fibrillation during manufacturing and a spool length of 1220m, BULLDOG BLUE is the ideal choice for contractors and hay producers looking for consistent knot performance and long running spools.

Excellent knot performance | UV stabilised | Long running spool | Consistent performance | Trouble-free spooling | Enhanced fibrillation for better knot resistance

BULLDOG BLUE Small Square Twine

Bulldog blue is available in a compact 1500m spool suitable for all small square balers.

Knot stability and grip | UV protected | Easy feed and soft on knotters | Bright blue


Sisal is a natural fibre derived from the Agave sisalana plant, a native of southern Mexico. Sisal binder is ideal for more traditional forms of hay production, including binding sheaf hay and some round baler applications, where a natural biodegradable twine is required.

Sisal Binder twine is available in 8 x 812m packs.

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