Paper Sacks

We supply a broad range of sack types for a wide range of industries including building, minerals, chemicals, food, dairy, pet products, produce and agriculture.


Sack Types

  • Open Mouth Block Bottom
  • Open Mouth Stitched Bottom
  • Valve Top Block Bottom
  • Patch Bottoms
  • Stitched Top with Handle
  • Pinch Seal Top
  • Flush Cut with Gusset

Valve Types

Our paper sacks are available with a variety of fillings and sealing options such as

  • Poly Seal Valve
  • Sonic Seal Valve
  • Tuck in Sleeve Valve
  • Paper Valve
  • Paper Lock Valve

Sack Constructions

Paper sacks can be manufactured using a wide range of materials including

  • Semi Extensible paper
  • Semi Extensible paper with Poly Lining
  • High Porosity - Semi Extensible paper
  • High Porosity - Semi Extensible paper with Poly Lining
  • Sack Kraft paper
  • High Wet Strength paper
  • Water Soluble Paper

Various combinations of these materials are used depending on the application.

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